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TAVIA is an alternative-folk artist that believes that true art changes culture. In an industry where image is valued over vulnerability, she orients her artistry around genuine connection, with songs that are warm, raw, and always, always honest.


Raised in Northern California with one foot in suburbia and the other on the farm, TAVIA’s musical upbringing consisted mostly of country and gospel music, with artists such as Jo Dee Messina, Garth Brooks and Keith Green. She learned to sing in church, but was a timid performer who preferring writing songs in her bedroom than the attention of a crowd. That changed, however, when she started to travel the world and study the greatest artists –  from Beethoven, to Van Gogh – and realized that the most powerful art pushes the boundaries and changes the status quo. It is not timid, and it sure as hell is not quiet.


From this point on, TAVIA began to write and perform with a boldness that translated to both her church and her live shows, and she hasn’t looked back since.


TAVIA released her first EP in 2017 called ‘Everything Is Wrong’, which is a collection of songs that looks at both joy and sadness in contrasting perspective. She followed this with an acoustic EP that told personal stories of her life and family called ‘Songs + History’.


In the Fall of 2019, TAVIA stepped into a new level of depth in her artistry with the release of ‘A Walk In The Madness’ – a 22 minute essay on grief and vulnerability. Still rooted in folk-songwriter traditions, this EP is lyric-focused, but with production that blurs the lines of pop and folk, even incorporating tribal elements reminiscent of Paul Simon’s ‘Graceland’.


She has performed for audiences throughout the US, the UK and France, and has a unique way of connecting with audiences of diverse backgrounds and beliefs. TAVIA’s music is often described as passionate, ethereal and vulnerable, with a stage presence equally spirited as it is humble.


Bob Dylan once said, “The world don’t need any more songs… as a matter of fact, if nobody wrote any songs from this day on, the world ain’t gonna suffer for it… Unless someone’s gonna come along with a pure heart and has something to say. That’s a different story.”


This has become TAVIA’s mantra: to be an artist who is pure of heart and has something to say. We dare you to listen to her and believe otherwise.

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