TAVIA is a singer-songwriter from Sacramento, CA with a unique gift for crafting musical stories about the tensions & freedoms of life. 

TAVIA shares the same hometown that inspired country singer Lynn Anderson, writer Mark Twain, and hammond mastermind Jimmy Smith. From a young age, she was immersed in the historic scenery of wagons and wooden sidewalks, and began writing poems to communicate the world she saw. 


TAVIA often found quiet solace in art, and by age 13, songwriting became her favorite expression of beauty. She moved to Los Angeles to study music at Biola University and in 2014 released her first EP, Right At The Dawn. Performing in Orange County and LA, she captivated audiences with her open spirit and joy. 

As she began writing for her second EP, TAVIA reached for the songbooks of Carole King, Joni Mitchell and Eva Cassidy, finding her own voice with a maturity and grace that is rare in her generation. Everything Is Wrong was released in the Summer of 2017, followed by a tour through London, a music video for her first single, Fire & Smoke, and most recently, a music video for her second single, Dixon. TAVIA leads worship at Rolling Hills Covenant Church as she continues to write and perform her music in LA.